Saturday, March 5, 2011

Music Man!!

I had the BEST massage I've ever had yesterday when Lori and I had our "girly" day LOL. Manis/pedis/massage, really can't get much better than that! I just forgot to take any pics! Oh well, I'll probably do a scrapbook page without pictures about it anyway!

This page is one of my favorites I've done so far! I love blended photo pages and this one is just so special to me! I am EXTREMELY proud of my son for learning how to play the bass! He is learning from my daddy who plays for our church and of course everything grandaddy does, Britt does too LOL. I am so glad that he has such a fine man to follow in the footsteps of. You can't get much better than my daddy!

This uses Erica Zane's That's Not My Clover kit and a template by Chelle's Creations at

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